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About Us

Our organization exists to encourage music as a form of entrepreneurship and promote the idea of using intellectual property to subsidize the cost of higher education.

Our primary goal is to demystify the music industry by creating a formal, standardized process, that will allow students, from various backgrounds, to graduate college with a body of work that speaks for itself.

We accomplish this task by building entertainment infrastructure on college campuses around the country; thus, creating a professional network which offers both context and applicable skills training.

Why You Should Join Us

The NCEG college program is the only music industry pipeline designed to help students use their passion to fund their education.

As a student, you're either spending, or about about spend, tens of thousands of dollars to secure a future for yourself. 

We can help you get the most out of your university experience by giving you the tools necessary to build your music career regardless of what you choose as your official major! 

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